Why is it, that drama, glory and revenge top the news?

When you read the news the headlines offer drama, glory, revenge and pay-back galore. It reads as if world politics have crumbled into a badly-written telenovela. All the trade-marks are there: enemies, lies, deceit, heroism, family and temperament.

There’s only one problem: this is not a telenovela. It is the beginning of the 21st century and we are building the foundation of the lives of the world post-internet, post-marsmission, post-solarimpulse. Some of the greatest recent inventions have brought the world together and reduced its distance.

Why is it then, that drama, glory and revenge top the news?

Why is it, that we watch the world stage turn into a dramatic showplace of surprise after surprise?

Maybe it’s time to regain some control, to use our words and votes and power to make things right again. Time, to elect leaders that calm the storm instead of stirring the pot. Leaders, that strive for light instead of succumbing to spirals of darkness.

Because, let’s be honest – while we all love some good drama – that is better left to cinemas and flatscreens around the world.

So let’s leave dramatics for telenovelas and bring some cool back into politics.






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